The pro-guide to meal planning

We like to keep it real! Unlike your favourite TV shows or movies, that truly never represents the actual hustles, we know real life can get busy. Whether you are working from home or used to an unusual lifestyle, or simply getting tired of hearing the phrase “what’s for dinner?” deep inside, everyone craves a transition to something healthier but cannot afford the time to make them! So, if you are looking for a solution, then this article is just for YOU! 

But first, what is a Meal Plan?

Meal planning is the act of consciously & strategically planning your meal choices ahead of time. This may or may not seem too daunting, but the reasons below will show you Why it is beneficial.

  • Room for Healthy Life Choices.
  • Whether you require a high nutritional diet, have dietary restrictions or want to stay consistent to your fitness goals, planning your meals will help prioritize yours and your family’s health. This planner also works as a tracker for you to stay accountable to your previous attempts leading to better future plans.
    At Hayawiia, we have an extensive range for healthier alternatives to your usual palate.

    Pro tip:Pre-planning creates room for experimentation and a path to exploring newer varieties of food.
  • Time is precious, save it. 
  • “A person can only manage so many tasks a day!”

    Juggling your daily routines and making sure you’re cooking daily to ensure staying healthy can become exhausting. Meal planning your recipes for the week takes off the load of stressing last minute on “what’s for dinner?” Maybe worse, realizing you now have to shop for an empty fridge.
    One can additionally make notes of upcoming events that may affect your schedules, such as late night shifts. . Did we mention, this practice has long term benefits?
    And for your mid-day hunger, we’ve got flavorful yet time saving options too! 

    Pro tip: You can also plan meals with leftovers for the following day or double it as lunch! Who knew left overs can be such a saver?!

  • Thoughtful spending. 
  • Planning your meals ahead of time, will give you a detailed overview of the ingredients required, both perishable and non-perishable items. This will not only help plan your grocery list better but will avoid any food wastage. That is double the sustainable efforts you have put too! Ultimately, this also leads to saving on bills as well as saving time from viewing all those grocery aisles. While this is not news, cooking a meal at home will always save over ordering food.
    Pro tip: One can even meal plan as per their grocery list as this strategy will further ensure to prevent food wastage. Three times the sustainable effort!

    We also know that healthy spending can sometimes be expensive and your favorite options may not be available. That is why Hayawiia exists! We bridge the gaps to cater to your needs. 


    Now that you’ve learned its value, let’s jump to HOW TO MEAL PLAN:

    Step 1:
    Start by asking “What’s my purpose?” Now this doesn’t have to be a soul searching journey. But as a novice, start small. Having a defined aim will set up the foundation for the plan. Ask yourself, if it is a weight loss goal? Or an approach towards a more organized lifestyle? Figure out what method most suits your lifestyle to stay consistent with- whether it’s on a black board where your family can participate, on your smart phone apps or an old school style diary with a weekly tracker.

    Step 2:
    Take a day from your week to think and plan out the recipes that you or your family enjoys. Find a pattern or bring new flavors into play. The meal choices should not be random, but a thoughtful decision based on the ingredients required. Keep in mind portion control for best results!

    Moreover, meal plan is by no means a restriction from eating out. We love our Chinese take-out nights too! So feel free to decide when not-to-cook as well.

    Check out: Lauren from TastesBetterfromScratch provides everyone with 50 healthy meal options on a weekly basis along with a grocery list! 

    Step 3:
    Now that you have identified your meal for the week or the month (if you’re feeling ambitious), note down the ingredients by category. It’s a neat trick to help you check off your list effectively at the grocery.

    Pro tip: Don’t forget to invest in quality Tupperware to store your pre marinade meals or left overs!

    Step 4:


    Meal planning can be anything you want it to be, so remember to be flexible, experiment and learn what works best for your lifestyle! Let your creativity flow with the practice of Meal Planning! Don’t forget to share your progress with us for a chance to be featured! 

    Here are some free readymade planners to help you get started!
    Free Printable Meal Planner by Dear Crissy and Weekly Meal Planner by BobbiPrintables

     Watch the videos below for more tips on mastering your meal plan!

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