Conscious Snacking Habits

Ah, the snack life… Stashing your goodies in a treasure chest, otherwise known as your office drawers for those hourly mini-snacks. Buying tub of chips to save for those times you feel bored and end up munching it throughout your day. We also have not forgotten those Netflix binge-watchers who will use this as a reason to enjoy a big bucket of popcorn! Know that, Hayawiia understands your circumstances and reasons

Scientific study & human nature sheds a lot of light on why we crave to snack all day rather than sticking with the conventional 3 meal a day plan! These days, we even prefer to stock our shelves predominantly with processed ready-made foods rather than ingredients to cook with. Even though we intend to live our lives healthier, we simply may not have the time or budget to afford it.

All we need is a shift in perspective to understand that not all types of snacking is unhealthy, expensive or restrictive. At Hayawiia, we aim to bust those beliefs and provide you with a wide range of flavorful alternatives, for your indulgences, at affordable rates. Read on to know more about our snacking varieties and their nutrient factors.

  1. Snackwise Makhana BBQ - The millennial version of the classical popcorn! These air-popped fox nuts, also known as water lily seeds, are available in different flavours. A great option for your movie nights!
  2. Rootz and Co Granola Snacks - Introducing the healthier version of the generic snack bar!
  3. Eat anytime healthy trail mix with fig and raisin - Have them with your breakfast or as a snack - they are a powerhouse of nutrients either way! 
  4. Wellversed Vegan Brownie Mix -  Deep! Dark! Decadent! This brownie will fill your tummy and soul with rich goodness! All you have to do is add oil and water to the mix and bake for 25 minutes in the oven for best results. Alternatively, microwave the batter for 3 minutes if you are on the run.
  5. Green snack Co Kale Thai Sweet Chilli Chips - (need nutrient info) Surprised that Kale too can be enjoyable in the form of crisps? We were too! A superfood that helps to boost immunity, maintaining bone health, reducing cholesterol, while boosting metabolism and aiding in weight loss.

Pro tip - even the healthiest of snacking labels can sometimes hide the worst of ingredient! So its always best to read the ingredients and research to be aware!

Although we have shared with you some of our great snacking products, we know that traditional sweets and delicacies such as ladoos, pavlovas, or chocolate bars can’t always be avoided. However, here are few tips on how you can smart-hack these snacking habits. 

  1. Think and plan ahead - make your life easier by making sure the healthy options are easily reachable.
  2. Become nutty and fruity – incorporate healthy portions of nuts and dried fruits (as they contain rich amounts of antioxidants) to sustain your hunger. 
  3. Use snacking to fill nutritional gaps – Make snacking productive. Most of us do not get enough fruits and vegetables which are extremely beneficial for our immunity, consider snacking on celery with some peanut butter or freshly sliced fruit! 
  4. Take snacking to the table - Like the old times, try to be present and mindful with your food. Use this time of munching as a break or eat on a table as you would normally do for a meal.
  5. Portion control and variety- Try to have more than just one macronutrient (protein, fat, carbohydrate) at each snacking session. For example, have a few nuts (protein and fat) and some grapes (carbohydrates). Or try some whole-grain crackers (carbohydrate) with some low-fat cheese (protein and fat). These balanced snacks will also keep you feeling satisfied.
  6. Better yet? Order your snacks at Hayawiia for guilt-free snacking options!

We believe our article on, The pro-guide to meal planning, will also help you to combine your snacking habits as a pre-planned approach along with everyday meals.

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